Maybe Yes - remix by Port Fish

Maybe Yes

Maybe Yes (Everything's Different In Chill-Out World Mix) is the winning track from the remix competition* conducted by legendary Slovak musician and music producer Laco Lučenič for his original song Možno Áno.

As stated by Laco Lučenič himself, the track won for its perfect timing, unique atmosphere, and feeling of aerial freedom, reminding him of Cocteau Twins, his most favourite band.

Fun facts:
  • Port Fish has never heard the original song neither before nor after the competition.
  • The remix was finished the night before New Year's Eve causing Talki not celebrating NYE and rather having some sleep instead.

About Maybe Yes

Genre/Style: downtempo
Keywords: maybe yes, port fish, downtempo music


Play track icon1Maybe Yes (Everything's Different In Chill-Out World Mix)5:36

Original song written & produced by Laco Lučenič aka 2L aka Double L
Recorded @ Vinyl Culture Plant
Released by DoubleL Records
Remixed by Port Fish

* Competition announcement and winners (in Slovak language)